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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  July 20, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i never saw a drop. >> i didn't see a drop. you got hammered. over an inch and a half in southern maryland. >> others are saying we could use the rain just for the cooling effect. there's nothing on radar. it is all quiet. winds are very light and really sticky out there once again. same story like yesterday except we don't have the radar to show you. here is your day planner. get ready for another scorcher. code orange air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups. the young, the old, anybody with respiratory ailments. 95 at 5:00 highs today 96, maybe 97 like yesterday. right now, 77 degrees. sun is up at 5:59. big storms, mike and andrea talking about. this is 8:45. st. mary's into charleston, southern calvert being pounded there. that mooed out. new storms formed in many of the areas late last night. but this morning, it is all quiet and it is all sticky. we're down to 77.
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feels like it is in the low 80s. 72 fredericksburg and on the bay at the naval academy, good morning. midshipmen. 76 degrees for you. angie goff steps in with a lot to tell you about. >> thank you, hb. we're starting off the 5:00 hour with the yellow light as an drea and -- as andrea and mike mentioned. let's take a look live to the scene. this is in arlington, virginia. north glebe road currently closed down at washington boulevard. police are investigating an accident that happened a couple of hours ago. it involves a police cruiser. actually, the cruiser itself, very badly damaged, the whole front end peeled off. it involves also another driver as you can imagine, 15th street to north utah to fairfax to north glebe. that is going to be your best alternate this morning. our surae chinn is there at the scene. she's going to have a live report with the very latest details on the way. meanwhile, we want to take a look at your outer loop. we zoom on in and take a closer look from 95 to 270.
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outside, not tracking any real problems. back to the map, interstate 270, it is moving. notice the green cars here. 121 down to the split. pretty much smooth sailing. finally, take a look at the travel times. no problems on 66 or the toll road. the inner loop also moving nicely, approaching the toll road from 395. still ahead, a check on prince george's county roads at 5:09. doctors are treating a seriously-injured police officer this morning. >> the arlington county officer was hurt in a crash around 2:15 a.m. surae, over to you. >> very close to the crash site. this was a very serious accident. the police cruiser very banged up here. this all happened around 2:15 a.m. right here on the corn he were of north -- corner of north glebe road and washington boulevard. i just talked with two
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witnesses. they did not want to go on camera but they said officers have been interviewing them for three hours. while the officer was responding to a call about a bar fight when the crash happened. and the officer crashed into another driver. the other car up on the median there, again, this all happened around 2:15 this morning. the officer heading south toward ballston when the collision happened. the accident reconstruction team is out here but there's no timeframe of when they might wrap up. >> now, we're still trying to piece everything together. it is still in the preliminary stages of investigation. and we are thinking about the people that are driving to work this morning and we will try to get the road open as quickly as possible. >> they're trying to get it done but you see all of the officers surrounding the police cruiser right there. they said it could take awhile. could take the whole morning in fact. the 40-year-old officer and phi-year veteran on the force is in serious condition. the other driver in minor condition. crystal saying that their thoughts and prayers are with
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the officer who is suffering serious injuries at the hospital at this point. but of course, you can see all four corners of north glebe road and washington boulevard shut down at this time. back to you. surae chinn reporting live from the scene in arlington. five people, including three children are recovering from injuries after a huge tree limb fell on them. the victims were at garfield park in southeast washington yesterday attending a vacation bible camp held by the people's church of h street southeast. city arborists say the tree showed no signs of weakness or disease and weather was not a factor. fairfax county police are investigating a shooting death inside a home in springfield. right now, they're looking for one of the victims' sons. 75-year-old gary hanson was found dead at his home on chancellor way. neighbors tell 9news hanson and his wife lived there with their two grown sons. police say they're looking for one of those sons now, 53-year- old richard hanson.
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they say he is an endangered missing person for medical reasons and they stress he's not wanted as a suspect. >> mayor vincent gray is responding to the latest charges made against his campaign. >> people who engage in wrongdoing, they need to be held accountable. >> "the washington post" reports gray's campaign staffers broke the law by accepting cash donations that exceed the $25 legal limit. then converting the cash to money orders to get around the law. staffers recorded donations from some people who say they didn't contribute to the gray campaign. mayor gray is saying privately he wants to get the campaign investigations done so he can do more of the city's business. time for the latest "your money" report this morning. >> jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall street, hoping for another biggy like yesterday. >> that's what we call a snap back rally. dow enjoyed its biggest one-day gain of the year yesterday! that was thanks to signs of a
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deal to raise the debt ceiling falling into place. now, this morning, investors will react to news that apple's latest quarter was another blockbuster. checking the numbers, the dow stands at 12,587, look at that, up 202 points in trading yesterday. nasdaq was up by 61 and the s&p 500 jumped by 21 points. >> the nation looks to be inching closer to a deal to raise the debt ceiling. the president may invite both sides of the aisle back to the white house today after the bipartisan gang of six unveiled a proposal yesterday. it would cut more than $4 trillion from the deficit over the next decade. the proposal includes new tax revenues and cuts to medicare and medicaid. in the meantime, another plan backed by the tea party made it through a house vote last night. so, it is likely doomed in the senate. get ready for another tech ipo hitting the street today. zillow is selling shares for $20 apiece in its initial public offering. that's $2 higher than the top of the range predicted on
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friday. the real estate evaluation web site expects to raise $69 million through the ipo. we'll have to see how well it does. the tech ipos have been popping. >> i loew that site. >> it is a great site. >> what do you have coming up? >> with all of the talk about the debt ceiling, we'll get your personal debt ceiling in line today. >> i could use some help. >> all right. >> well, if you didn't feel enough pressure testifying about the downfall of one of his properties in the phone hacking scandal, rupert murdoch found himself attacked by someone in the crowd at the hearing. that story is coming up. >> plus, the biggest species of fish in the world gathering right now offshore from a fishing spot.
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high temperatures getting into the 90s, well up into the 90s. by lunchtime, we'll be 91. got outdoor plans, get them done early, stay hydrated and find a place to stay cool. angie, over to you. so far, so good. no issues to report on route 5, route 4, 301, the accokeek, fort washington area. still ahead, we're taking a look across the region at 5:17. now back to you. making news now at 9 after the hour, heavy rain is being blamed for an accident that killed four members of a colorado family. the family was vacationing in
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wyoming, flooding concerns prompted them to evacuate a campsite. but when they got to the nearest road, part of it washed out underneath their car. the mother and three daughters were killed, only the dad managed to escape. unbelievable. a man in london lunged out of the crowd during rupert murdoch's testimony. murdoch's wife got in a slap on the guy when he tried to throw a shaying cream pie at her 80- year-old husband. no one was hurt. police removed the protestor. murdoch denied knowing some of his employees at london's news of the world hacked into people's cell phones. if you're lucky enough to be heading to cancun for the weekend, you may catch sight of the world's largest species of fish. hundreds of whale sharks have converged on the coastal water and they're not dangerous to humans. conservationists are encouraged by the large turnout. it is a good sign for the health of the species. >> speaking of fish, an
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unwanted species of fish already infiltrating the potomac has been found in another area waterway. >> at 5:23, why getting the redskins and other nfl teams back on schedule may not go so smoothly. next at 5:14, howard believes today is our last in the mid- 90s before the triple digits arrive. we'll be back. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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we're coming to the end of the 90s. the triple digits are ahead. brace yourself! >> dangerous stuff. >> it is. >> you really gotta be active in staying cool. i blogged about these yesterday. you can check it out at about how if you're not active in staying cool, you can get yourself in trouble. if you don't have air conditioning or if you're going to be outside, if you're not putting cold water on your head, this is the type of heat that can really be dangerous and deadly. so, please, take it seriously. our day planner on this wednesday morning, starts with some warm air, muggy conditions. 8:00, temperatures may still be in the 70s with some luck. the humidity is up. we'll be around 91 at noon.
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light easterly winds, 5 miles per hour. this afternoon, 4:00, 96. that will be about the high for today. maybe even 97 where we managed to get that warm yesterday. by 8:00, we're still in the upper 80s. i left the thunderstorm symbols off the forecast. even though there is a 10%, 20% chance, they'll be few and far between. we do have a little bit of fog. stafford checks in at half a mile. out toward the west toward orange and stanton, quarter mile visibility. also in the mountains in garrett county. oakland reporting zero. keep that in mind if you're traveling out to the west this morning. 77 here in d.c. also patuxent river air station, easton is 70. winchester, 70. bwi, 73. officially, reagan national, 77. no winds so yeah, this is really muggy stuff with the dew points in the lower 70s. that dew point is 72. a relative humidity at 84%. this is the type of thing, if we hit 90 and the dew point
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doesn't move, the humidity is going to drop to maybe 50% but it is still the same amount of moisture is in the air. don't be lulled into thinking it is feeling better because the humidity drops. it is still oppressive. not just here. the heat wave is expanding. much of the northern third of the country, the mississippi valley, the midwest into the central plains, dealing with heat warnings, even around philly. they issued a heat warning. for us, we have a heat watch for tomorrow. the whole area will be expanding off to the east. we'll likely be under under an advisory. in the tropics, we still have bret moving northeast at 8 miles per hour. that won't be a problem. the storms this morning, they've been near chicago. now south and east pushing away from them. and for us, well, things are quieter. as opposed to the rainstorm, thunderstorms last night which in some spots, dropped more than an inch and a half of rainfall. this afternoon, looking at the future cast, we may bubble up in isolate the or stray thunderstorm during the daytime
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heating. better chance will be in the elevations, mountains out to the west. tonight, things will quiet down once we lose the heat. next three days, looking really steamy. today, 96. 101 tomorrow. friday and even saturday. potentially record heat into the lower 100s. by sunday, we've got a chance of storms, 99. monday and tuesday though, here comes a little relief our way. 95 monday and tuesday. we'll keep hoping for it. angie goff is in now. that's a long history. >> i know. it has been a rather busy wednesday morning. hello, everybody. so glad you could wake up with us. we have the yellow light on. our top story we're following this morning comes to us from arlington, virginia. let's take a live look outside. what we have going on here. we have police set up on north glebe road. they have the road shut down as you can tell. this is near washington boulevard. that's the scene of an accident that happened around 2:30 this morning involving a police officer whose cruiser pretty much totaled. he's injured or he or she is
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injured we're being told at this time. they're continuing the investigation. it looks like 16th street to north utah over to fairfax, that will get you back to glebe road. that will be your best bet as an alternate. we're still getting the timetable when they plan to reopen the roadway. let's take you over to another issue we're following closely in silver spring, maryland. we have a utility issue. georgia avenue is closed at surefield road. out on 66, no incidents to report. we're moving smoothly. it looks like 95 in virginia also moving at speed from prince william parkway up to lorton. as for your travel times, the outer loop is moving from 95 over to 270. in the green. same situation on 95. the inner loop from route 4 over to the wilson bridge. still ahead at 5:24. >> the nationals come oh, so close to forcing extra innings.
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>> the castles will find another way to stay perfect. a close call for them, too. highlights in sports. >> it is time to take a look at the question of the morning. >> readers digest suggests this occupation takes the greatest number of sick days every year. is it bank tellers, postal workers or c, teachers? >> here's one of the responses you posted on the facebook fan page. karen wrote i say c, teachers. if not, why would they need so many substitutes? >> post your guess and comments at we'll reveal the answer in the next hour.
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>> we're really warm and muggy. a touch of fog. places like stafford, orange, out toward the shenandoah valley. mountains of western maryland. visibilities are less than a quarter mile. 82 at 9:00. by 11:00 a.m., 89. we're into the lower 90s by lunchtime. this afternoon, stray thunderstorms about all we can expect. 95 at 3:00. about the same at 5:00. another scorcher. mike and andrea? >> thank you, howard. the return to nfl normalcy may not happen as quickly as we first thought. >> the castles win one late to maintain their perfect record. brett haber starts us off with baseball in your morning
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sports. >> good morning, everybody. watch jordan zimmerman pitch for awhile and you'll want tommy john surgery even if you don't need it. he's two years removed from his surgery and he's made a ridiculous 12 quality starts in his last 13 appearances. then last night, his elbow was fine and they hit him in the leg. watch angel sanchez at the plate. off zimmerman's shin. it ricocheted conveniently to first base. they get the out. but he wasn't the same after that. fourth inning, clint drives in two. michael born down the left. nats trail 7-6 in the ninth. look how close ryan zimmerman comes to tying the ball game. about six inches to the wrong side of the yellow pole and the nats fall by one, 7-6. from the nfl, new reports on tuesday that even though the labor talks remain essentially on track, teams will need a handful of days to study the new rules of the labor deal
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once it is voted upon and then several more days to sign undrafted rookies and keep their own free agents before starting general free agency and opening their training camp. espn estimates that would be around august 1st which would make trach camps open four or five days later. >> serena williams back with the castles in albany. serena won her single set then she won women's doubles with rene stubbs. the castles went down to a fifth set men's double super breaker match point for both teams and they pulled it out. now 12-0, still perfect. home finale is thursday. playoffs start on friday. finally, some people complain that baseball games can drag on and get a touch boring. we never assumed that feeling would be shared by the players in the game. marlins reliever edwin mojica napping in the bullpen. it is contagious. everybody is getting tired. he tries to play it off like he was kidding. he was not kidding.
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he was as they say in canada, ut. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm brett haber. have a great wednesday, everybody. >> an eastern medicine expert has advice on natural ways to keep cool in the heat. that's coming up in the 6:30 half hour. >> plus, with the raging debate over the federal government's budget, we'll take a look at how you can avoid hitting your own personal debt ceiling. traffic now, angie. >> 395 heading northbound, no delays or incidents to report from the mixing bowl past the pentagon. still ahead, we'll have an update on some incidents in the area that could slow you down. that's at 5:30. keep it here. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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>> i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. angie is here. she has a lot to talk about. she'll be back in a moment. weather first time now, the heat is definitely on.
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it is going to get hotter. especially as we head into tomorrow, friday, saturday. i was asked the question on facebook, why aren't we under a heat advisory today? >> why aren't we? >> it is not hot enough. >> what's the threshold? >> it used to be 105 to 110 but it has become more subjective. a heat watch is in effect form thursday. either heat advisory or heat warning. wouldn't be surprised as the warning got for friday and saturday. 77 now. 91 by noon. we're looking at a lot of humidity and a slight, slight chance of a thunderstorm unlike yesterday where we had a few more and code orange on the air quality. that's unhealthy for sensitive groups. storm were big last night down south. dropping more than an inch and a half of rain. other folks are saying what rain? what form. they were some big, slow moving ones. there is a touch of fog down toward stafford and orange out toward stanton and oakland
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there. 68 degrees. leesburg, frederick, 75. highs today in the mid to upper 90s. heat index values of 100 to 105. angie, over to you. thank you, howard. hello, everybody. it is halfway through the 5:00 hour. yellow light stays on. we continue to follow break news out of arlington, virginia. notice out here, what we have is north glebe road, completely closed off. police here on the scene. it is where washington boulevard -- we're hearing from our surae chinn telling us all four corners of the area are closed off. trafficwise, this is what you need to know. you're going to want to use 15th street over to north utah. that will get you to fairfax drive. you can access north glebe road once again. moving over to water main break out in silver spring, southbound georgia avenue is closed off. one lane going northbound does scoot by. the d.c. drive, pennsylvania and 8, no problems to report out in southeast. same situation as we move it to
5:31 am
northwest. at wisconsin and massachusetts. your train report, everyone so far, so good running on time. still ahead, a check on 95 in maryland. andrea and mike. back to you. as angie mentioned, we have a breaking new situation this morning. an arlington police officer has been seriously injured in an accident. >> the crash was about 2:15 this morning at washington boulevard and glebe road. 9news now reporter surae chinn is live on the scene where the last time we talked to her, all four sections of the intersection were closed. >> reporter: it remains the same at this point. the reconstruction team deep into their investigation. by the looks of it, it is going to take awhile for the most part, the morning commute. it is going to affect you especially if you're heading to and from arlington. you cannot access route 66 from north glebe road. you'll have to do the work around as angie mentioned. let me run down what happened. at 2:15, an officer was responding to a call heading south on glebe road when he collided with another driver
5:32 am
and you see that other car in the median. the police cruiser in bad shape and the officer in serious condition in the hospital. >> we've been very lucky. we haven't had any serious injuries, vehicle injuries to our officers in quite some time. so, we're certainly concerned about our coworker. >> how is he doing? >> he's in serious condition. he has worked for the department for five years. he's 40 years old. and you know, all of our thoughts are with him and his family. they're looking into whether chom was a factor. it could have been a case where the driver did not see or hear the officer coming in her direction. we'll have much more in the next half hour. back to you. >> surae is live in arlington this morning. >> justice department officials say they have not changed their minds about who committed the 2001 anthrax attacks. court papers submitted last friday suggested the government
5:33 am
had altered its position about some of the circumstantial evidence that pointed to dr. bruce ivan. the fort detrick scientist killed himself two years ago as prosecutors were about to ready to charge him. five people died in the attacks which happened in the weeks after 9-11. the widow of nfl hall of famer john mackey is speaking out about her husband's legacy. while most of us know him about his day as 88, sylvia mackey said it was during her husband's induction into the nfl hall of fame that she realized the game he loved so much caused the disease which killed him. that's when his real legacy began. >> everybody knew that he had dementia. so, why at the hall of fame, that's a small knit group, were coming up to me and telling me about some of the strange behaviors that their husbands were exhibiting. this is just the hall of fame. how many others? outside of this small knit fraternity who are retired players have this horrible
5:34 am
disease? and that's when it dawned on me there has to be a common denominator. >> she wrote to the nfl commissioner paul tagliabue which led to the creation of the 88 plan. the nfl provides up to $88,000 a year in medical expenses to retired players diagnosed with dementia. $12.7 million to 166 players. in other news now, the snake head fish apparently is on the move in the mid-atlantic area. the invasive species was discovered in the potomac river about seven years ago but now, researchers say they found snake heads in water ways that feed into the chesapeake bay. they believe the snake head was able to establish in the normally saltier bay thanks in part to all of the rain we've had this spring. >> have a fresher water in the bay than we've had since 2004 when the fish was established in the potomac. so, now, the snake has been
5:35 am
able to move from the potomac out into the bay and then up into tributaries. >> the chesapeake bay has the lowest salt water content since 1985. it is probably longer than that since that's the first year scientists started measuring it. time for another "your money" report. >> are you having a detma geddon? >> of course, we've got the national debate going on about raising the debt ceiling. not a bad time to take stock personally. americans stacked up $11.5 trillion of debt by the end of the first quarter. our partners at "usa today" say congress and overday americans have -- everyday americans have the same problem. it is easy to wind up spending more than we make especially with credit being cheap and available. so, here are a few ideas to help you lower your own personal debt ceiling. number one, don't let your total debt climb to more than 40% of your take-home pay. we're talking your mortgage, your car payment, your credit card bills, even if you stick to that, you still haven't
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eaten or put gas in the car. >> number two, check your credit score at least once a year. don't think it really matters? a new survey shows six in ten employers check credit scores before hiring. number three, the phrase good debt should be used loosely. student loans and mortgages are not the guaranteed good investment they used to be. it can now take years to pay off really expensive college educations and many homeowners are still underwater on their mortgages even years after the housing bubble burst. number four, if you're only paying the minimum on your credit card, you're not paying enough. so, here is your new benchmark. you want to avoid any debt that you can't pay off in 18 months or at least you should spend a good amount of time rolling over that purchase in your mind. and number phi, the dreaded fees and fine print. banks trying to make up for lost revenues. read everything, everything, everything! before you sign your name on the bottom line.
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>> there you go. >> great advice. >> thank you. >> all right. >> it is hard advice to follow but we all need to try a little bit harder. >> reenactors may not feel the heat of battle but they'll definitely feel the heat on tomorrow's 150th anniversary of bull run or the first battle of manassas. we'll tell you about that coming up. >> the national archives announces a breakthrough in restoring a charter of liberties, more than 400 years older than the declaration of independence.
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out on the weather terrace, it is a warm, sticky morning. if you're going to exercise or do anything outside, the earlier the better. we have a lot of heat and humidity for the rest of the day. by lunchtime, you should be into the 90s with a light east wind at 5. decent amount of sunshine with perhaps an isolated storm. it will be few and far between. 95 at 3:00 with a high today
5:40 am
mid possibly upper 90s. 100 plus tomorrow. angie goff? >> we have a new crash to tell you about on maryland on 95 headed southbound. this is an accident off to the right shoulder near the 198 exit. we'll have the latest on the water main break out in silver spring. a bad accident in arlington, virginia, that could slow you down. that's coming up at 5:47. over to you. tomorrow marks the 150th anniversary of the battle of first manassas or bull run. today, officials are announcing the addition of two new parcels to the 5,000 acre manassas battlefield property. it kicks off a four-day weekend anniversary celebration tomorrow and the park service is preparing for a major turnout of reenactors who will be coping unfortunately with temperatures around 100 degrees. the national archives announces amazing progress in a painstaking conservation effort. conservators have been removing old patches and repairing weak
5:41 am
spots in a 714-year-old copy of the magna cart. their work has revealed the full extent of the english declaration of human rights remains intact. the copy bears the seal of king edward i and it is dated 1297. edward's grandfather first agreed to the magna carte's liberty. this copy was donated, scheduled to be displayed at the national ar ciechs next year. a d.c. program is helping veterans stay healthy and get in the swim of things so to speak. >> plus, a tractor trailer accident along a river leads to a very messy toilet paper situation. >> birthday time before we head to break, let's see who's celebrating today. barbara mikulski turns 75. guitarist extraordinaire carlos santana, 64. thomas freeman is 58. josh holloway is 42. she's mrs. tom brady, supermodel gisele bundchen is 31. "dancing with the stars"
5:42 am
professional actress and singer julian hough is 23 and happy birthday if it is yours as well!
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welcome back to 9news now. 5:45 on this 20th of july. when steven strasburg is 23 years old. >> 42 years ago today, moonwalk. >> 1969. july 20th. >> a lot of things happened on this day. >> going through the record, if we get three consecutive days of 100 degree heat, this may be one of the longest stretches we've ever had. we had a three day stretch back in 1930s. we had 102 back to back but to have three 100 degree days back to back to back is a very rare
5:46 am
occurrence here in washington. >> i'm not looking forward to the heat. >> no. >> maybe we'll make some shirts i survived the summer of 2011. >> stay cool and be smart. we've got some temperatures which will be into the mid-90s today. heat index values, 100, 105. there is a heat watch for tomorrow. 91 by noon. 95 at 5:00. highs today 96, 97 in that neighborhood with the humidity as well. you don't see the thunderstorm chances. there may be an isolated one or two. so few and far between, i'm leaving them off. look at the visibilities off to the west, we've got some fog. stafford airport reported a half-mile. they're ok. but in western maryland, oakland down into west virginia, petersburg, quarter mile or less. down in the shenandoah valley. half-mile or less in many spots. out to the west, watch out for the fog. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. temperatures well up into the
5:47 am
70s now. 77 at pax river. prince frederick was 72. 76 in reedville. 70 also at tappahannock airport. gaithersburg, your airport, 72. it feels like 78 with the temperature of 77. unfortunately, the winds are calm. so, there is nothing to mix it up and give you a cooling breeze. if it is any consolation, misery loves company. as a good chunk of the country under heat warnings. from minneapolis down to st. louis over toward wichita. moving in toward minneapolis and detroit. even around philadelphia, we'll likely be under an advisory friday, saturday and sunday. this ridge in the middle of the country, high pressure here where the hot weather hear building. sort of pushing bret out to sea. bret has winds. still not concerned about bret. one cluster of thunderstorms went through chicago and milwaukee earlier. that's moving up toward
5:48 am
indiana. they may get some more. whatever forms up here will rotate back around the high. there is a threat there this afternoon. for us, with high pressure in control, we'll see if we can pop some storms mainly in the mountains but that's about it. there is just not much of a kicker today as opposed to yesterday. the thunderstorm chances are lower. temperatures going up. 96 at national. tomorrow, 101. friday, 103. in fact, friday and saturday, if we tie or break any records, saturday still looks like it will be in the low 100s. sub, near 100. monday and tuesday, a cooling trend by tuesday, we're down to a much more palatable 90 degrees. angie has your latest timesaver traffic. >> a cooling trend sounds so refreshing. thank you, howard. hello, everybody. yellow light stays on. hope you're off to a great wednesday. traffic not so much. this is a situation we're dealing with. we'll take you live to the scene of arlington, virginia. we have north glebe road blocked off at washington
5:49 am
boulevard. you can see everything roped off, the yellow tape, the police presence there. the cars that were involved in this accident that happened around 2:30 this morning. it involves the police cruiser off to the right. the front end of it pretty much peeled off. the sad part is the police officer is in serious condition. they are going to be out there quite some time looking into this. no time line set yet as when they are going to reopen glebe road. you'll want to use 15th street to north utah. take that over to fairfax to get on to north glebe. we'll continue to follow it. let's take you over to a water main break in silver spring. georgia avenue closed off at shorefield. only one northbound lane of traffic is able to squeeze by. 95 going southbound, this is something new at 198, the accident is cleared. good news there. outer loop is moving from 95 over to 270 as we track it outside. 66 moving nicely here headed eastbound from manassas to the beltway. 267 no problems and the inner loop is at speed. still ahead, your next traffic
5:50 am
report coming up at 6:00. back to you. thanks, angie. making news at 5:50, democrat- controlled senate is expected to reject the house's bill to increase the debt ceiling to $2.4 trillion. that's because the bill also includes immediate spending cuts and a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget. another plan from a bipartisan gang of six of senators would cut the deficit by $4 trillion. that includes some tax hikes though. >> if all goes as scheduled, atlantis will be on its final approach to the kennedy space center this time tomorrow. as the shuttle left the space station yesterday morning, it rotated to capture some never- before seen images of the station. tomorrow's landing will end the 30-year-old shuttle program. here is a water rescue like you've never seen before. a trucking company is trying to pull it off. a driver had an accident in idaho and sent a huge amount of toilet pape near the river. these rolls weighed 64,000 pounds before they got wet. problem is now trying to remove
5:51 am
the wet paper without sending the debris downstream. swimming is considered great therapy for maybe people who need low impact -- for many people who need low-impact exercise. >> there are programs putting veterans on the water instead of in it. >> even skimming the surface is working wonders. >> reporter: as 90-year-old julius fleischman prepares to head out on the anacostia, he takes comfort knowing that ginger is by his side. >> nice and controlled. >> that's because for julius, this is what it's like. this army veteran recently lost his sight to glaucoma. >> i can do whatever the sighted world can do. it takes me a little longer. >> reporter: he gets help from volunteers with the capital adaptive rowing program. >> you have waves around you which is what you're feeling with the water. >> it was started by the capital rowing club.
5:52 am
it introduces disabled military veterans and civilians to the sport of rowing. >> a lot of the problems that people have, you can just let them go away for a couple of hours. and just row. >> 55-year-old andrei wells is paralyzed after a botched surgery left him with extensive nerve damage. he first tried crew a year ago and hasn't stopped rowing since. >> it is freedom. i love doing it. i connect with the water when i row. >> now, the boat they use when they go out on the river are regulation size. when you go rowers like andrei who have limited use of their lower body, they have special seats like this that don't move. they have a strap over their waist and they use all upper body strength to move it down the river. >> you exercise muscles that you didn't even know you had. >> everyone's able to do it. that's one of the coolest things about the sport because you can really adapt it to anyone and anyone can get the benefits from it. >> you can see the smiles on their faces after a long day. it is worth it.
5:53 am
>> on the anacostia river, kristin berset, 9 sports now. >> this is the third full somebody of the adaptive rowing program. their participation has tripled in the last few months. before we take a break, it is time to take a look at the question of the morning. >> "reader's digest" suggests this occupation takes the greatest number of sick days every year. do you think it is a, a bank teller. b, postal workers or c, teachers. >> debra bean wrote on our page that she thinks it is bank tellers. taking crap from the public and the everyday risk of getting robbed would make me sick from all of the stress. >> log on to our facebook page and add your comments and make your guess. we'll reveal the answer in our next half hour. >> whatever the real answer is, their comments are the best. >> a style guru offers advice for mike, howard and the rest of you men out there. that story is coming up. >> plus, history making photos of the beatles 1964 concert here in d.c. go on the auction
5:54 am
block today. jess, over to you. well, do you know just how old that plane is that you're takenning a flight on. you may not want to know but there is some good news here. we'll bring it to you at 6:05. you're watching 9news now. ♪ [ rock ]
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just about 5:57. warm and muggy this morning. by 9:00, partly to mostly sunny. upper 70s to lower 80s already. you gotta work outside or exercise, do it early. by lunchtime, we're already around the 90 degree mark. there may be a couple of storms trying to fire in the mountains later thon afternoon as highs get into the mid-90s in most areas. you'll notice a better chance of showers well south and west of the mountains. angie, over to you. >> thank you, howard. oh my goff, can't buy me love but today, they can buy a piece of beatles history. two days after their debut on the ed sullivan show, the british rockers played a packed washington coliseum here in d.c. date was february 11, 1964. then only 18 years old, mike mitchell took 50 photos from feet away. christie's is auctioning off
5:58 am
each of the photographs. now, to another huge moneymaker with british origin. harry potter and the death he will hallows part 2 is already shattering u.s. and worldwide box office records. the first have grossed $1.63 billion. that's in dvd and blu-ray sales just in the u.s. worldwide, the series has taken in nearly $7 billion, eclipsing james bond as the most lucrative franchise in movie history. all right, guys. mike, howie, grab the notepads. d.c.'s very own style guy was in d.c. promoting his new book that gives guys more than fashion advice. fashion expert glen o'brien was in georgetown for the d.c. premiere of how to be a man, a guide to style and behavior forever the modern gentleman. he wants men to take more risks with their wardrobe. d.c. vis businessman and e!
5:59 am
news hosted the party. >> more than 3,000 people joined lil' wayne after party and concert held at love nightclub in d.c. rapper wally who was camera-shy kept the party going. nba player and former university of maryland star was there as was redskins brad davis and friends. we have more pictures on my blog at oh my goff at on the home page. you can send me your stuff on facebook, >> i asked on twitter how they want you to take more risks your wardrobe. >> suspenders, no jacket. hor howie, a -- for howie, a speedo. [ laughter ] >> thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. that image is clouding my mind. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm going to gash my own eyes out. >> i'm just going to keep


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